If you really want to know what something is like, you’re best off asking a child.

They will not pander to your ego. They will not be mindful of your sensibilities. They will not care that you’ve spent all your time and energy building something, purely for their enjoyment. Oh, no.

If it’s rubbish, they will tell you it’s rubbish. If life gives them lemons, they expect somebody to come along and make lemonade. And it better be good lemonade too.

Children are unencumbered by the filters that adults put in place to prevent causing hurting others’ feelings, so if you want to know what your local attractions, exhibitions or restaurants are really like, ask a kid. Like they do at kidrated.com, one of the best ideas we’ve seen in quite a while, and one of our favourite new sites.

Here, they get kids to rate (see what they did with the name there…?) places they’ve been to by posting videos and giving marks out of 10. Each venue, attraction, restaurant or whatever, then gets a K-rating to help other people decide if they want to go along.

An astonishingly simple idea, that kids and parents alike will find really useful. Early days, but definitely one to watch.