You’re a music fan, right? Thought so. You probably buy a bit of music. Nothing crazy, just the occasional album, the odd track, or maybe even, just every now and again, an entire back catalogue.

But, you’re not fan of the big boys. You prefer a more independent feel. You even still buy vinyl in your local record shop, maybe? No, you’re not keen on the Apples, the Googles, the Amazons. Any number of justifiable reasons to not be fan of them - their privacy policies, their interfaces, their tax policies, whatever.

But you’ve heard of right? Oh yes you have - we’ve been banging on about them for years. Here you can download or stream over 25 million tracks, which compares quite favourably with some other, perhaps bigger names we could mention. But here they believe in the artists getting their fair share and you getting access to your music whenever you want  and through whatever device you choose.

That’s why we like them. And we think you will too.