Most of us learn to write at a very young age. You pick up a pen and start scrawling until, eventually, your own distinctive style emerges. But as you get older, unless you’re very disciplined, you tend to use your handwriting less and less. That’s the relentless march of technology for you.

But there’s something immensely satisfying about putting pen to paper, and the pen maker Bic came up with a fascinating project to find out what the world’s aggregated writing style, or typeface, would look like.

At you can see the result of what happens when thousands of people submit their handwriting for inclusion.

You can see how styles vary based on people's gender, location, age, what they do and whether they’re left or right handed. You can also submit your own writing through a mobile website on your touchscreen phone. And because it's always being added to, it's constantly evolving.

We love this. It marries technology with a more traditional form of communication beautifully. It’s even made us want to buy some pens.