OK. Hands up. We’re as guilty as the next site of spending too much time following so-called click bait. The hundreds of sites out there peddling the lists, quizzes, and spurious picture stories is a modern phenomenon that is threatening to take over the online world.

Well, we promise not to feature any more, because clearly the internet has had enough.

Especially if clickhole.com is anything to go by, anyway.

This is a beautiful satire of the Buzzfeed-style sites, brought to life by The Onion (obviously) - that online presence that does a brilliant job of keeping the news honest.

Its stories are majestically crafted to draw you in and satisfy that click happy urge for ever-more salacious gossip and the latest, freshest memes.

We’re not the first to note that we sincerely hope that people realise that this is a joke. We fear some may not…