Ah, sleeping under the stars. At this time of year, there’s nothing quite like it. And with the World Cup taking place in the middle of the night, there might be a fair few people who end up doing it when they get stuck without public transport.

Or, you could do it deliberately to help raise awareness of an issue that's not all that well known.

The urban sprawl, changes in farming methods, pollution - all these things have had a devastating effect on the UK’s natural habitats. It’s estimated that 60 percent of our wildlife species have declined in recent years. But the good news is that conservation does work, and the RSPB Big Sleepout is a fun event to raise awareness.

If you fancy getting a bit closer to nature, and doing something fun to help our wonderful wildlife, you’ll find everything you need to get the most out of a night in the fresh air right here. It runs all next week, there are events planned all over the country and anybody can take part.