Apple iOS 8 split-screen mode demoed in video

Apple talked about its new split screen mode that will arrive on iOS 8, but Apple failed to show much in the way of details at WWDC. Now a video demoing the multi-tasking aid has appeared online.

The code to run iOS 8's split-screen is found in the SpringBoard beta that's in the hands of developers right now. It allows for a screen split of either quarter, half or three quarter sizes.

The split-screen multitasking is already available on Microsoft's Surface tablets as well as several Samsung devices. But this is a first for Apple.

The video shows that in typical Apple style splitting a screen should be intuitively straight forward. A two-finger slide of the screen to one side appears to compact the size down in the three sizes depending on how far across it is pushed.

Pop-up menus don't appear to re-size and centre to fit, causing cut-offs on the screen. Although this is a beta so that may be resolved in the final version.

iOS 8 is due to be released this autumn.