We like to be the news breakers here at Pocket Lint, and we think we’ve got an exclusive. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have heard anything about a little sporting event taking place in South America. It’s quite niche, quite subtle and almost completely under the radar…

Of course, we jest. You can’t possibly have escaped the fact that the Fifa World Cup kicks off today and for the next four weeks the world will be football crazy.

Set aside any misgivings you have about the governing body and their alleged corruption, and if you’re concerned about domestic issues that the host nation has, there are numerous campaigns you can sign up to. But for now, it’s all about the beautiful game.

You can stay in touch with every pass and tackle through any number of websites (The BBC, The Guardian and The Telegraph are some of the favourites here) but we also quite like worldsoccer.com.

This online magazine takes a a real global view on everything it covers, and it will be covering everything that happens in Brazil.

Enjoy the World Cup, no matter who you support.