There are some really good websites for food. We’ve recommended a few in our time, each with its own take on the idea that people want to be able to find something to cook based on what they have in mind, or what they have to hand.

But could well be the new daddy.

Here you can search for a recipe by the ingredients you have, a particular diet you’re following, any allergies you have, nutrition values, taste, calorific content, fat content, cost, type of cuisine, how long it takes to prepare, which course it is and even where the food comes from. Wow.

We’re not sure about you, but we can’t really think of anything else that could colour your choice of meal, so it’s a pretty comprehensive search engine for finding something tasty to eat.

We reckon this could genuinely change the way people cook their meals, and could mean the end for all those dusty old piles of celebrity chef cookbooks that we all buy but never really use.