How do you get your news? If you’re reading this, there’s a fair chance you get a good proportion of it online. Twitter is the news breaker these days. Sure, you don’t necessarily want to trust it with the detailed analysis, but for getting the word out fast it’s difficult to beat.

The other social networks soon catch up though, and then the online news outlets like the BBC and Huffington Post get going, quickly followed by the TV outlets.

Oh, and then there's the print media lumbering along the day after it’s all gone down with a more in-depth look at the ins and outs of every story. But boy, do they see the ins and outs differently sometimes.

Newspaper proprietors can have agendas, some obvious, some a little more insidious. Either way those agendas tend to colour the political leanings and content of their respective organs, so the good news for one title can be the catastrophe for another.

How are you supposed you make sense of all this?

Well, you could look to, which is possibly our new favourite news blog.

Here you get an insider’s view (it’s written by a long-time Fleet Street journo) and that view will help you cut through the bombast to the real story - very often where you least expect to see it.

This is a simple site, but it uses some basic online tools to great effect. An essential new bookmark for anybody who cares about the media.