Something wonderful happened this past weekend, That extraordinary change of the seasons came to pass. We had, for the most part, three days of good weather, and the whole country experienced a lift.

Parks were full. Village fetes were not rained off. Pub beer gardens were packed and buzzing with people enjoying a few refreshments in the sunshine.

It was glorious. But, this purple patch was not without its problems, because finding somewhere to enjoy a drink with guaranteed sunshine isn’t as straightforward as you’d think.

The popular places are, well, popular, and you won’t get a look-in. So you need to find somewhere that’s off the beaten track but not out of the sunshine.

Enter a really clever piece of development that should mean you never have to drink in the shade ever again.

Tell it where you want to drink and it will show you, and we mean actually show you, whether the sun is shining on your chosen boozer.

This is indispensable for socialising over the summer months.