There are a hell of a lot of food fads out there. Juicing, the 5/2 diet, the no-carbs plan. It’s a multimillion-pound business and growing by the day. But how do you know which is the one to follow?

You need to do a bit of research. If you do enough digging, you might soon find that all these fads are a just a bit, well, faddy. All you really need to do to stay fit and healthy is a be a bit smarter about what you eat.

At, you’ll find the home of #getfoodsmart, a campaign that’s running until the middle of June, that’s trying to get people to think before they buy when it comes to the food they eat every day.

They’re trying to encourage a more sustainable way of living, which, they say, will lead to a healthy lifestyle all round.

They advocate cutting down on meat, eating seasonal produce, and checking to see where your food actually comes from.

Fairly simple stuff. And they claim that it won’t really change the way you enjoy your food, but it will certainly help you stay a bit healthier.

There’s a load of other stuff here about stainable living, and with some of the biggest brands on the high street behind it, this is a campaign that could really get some momentum going.