If the newspapers and glossy magazines are anything to go by, just about everybody is going to a festival this year.

The media is full of page upon page of tips and advice on how to get everything from your wardrobe to your hair to your complexion “festival fit”.
The wardrobe thing we get. You need certain things if you’re planning on spending a weekend in a tent in the countryside. But your skin? Your hair? Your nails? Really?

Those of us who have been to festivals know that perfecting your skincare regime is something that can probably wait until afterwards. If it’s wet, you’re going to be caked in mud and midges. If it’s dry, you’ll be covered in dust and dried-up sun cream.

So keep the facials and spa treatments for afterwards, and take a look at wahanda.com to find out where to go to get your face looking more like it was before you spent three days not showering, eating fried food, drinking warm beer and not sleeping a wink.

It couldn’t be easier. Type in what you want done and where you are, and the search engine shows you the latest deals from your local salons.

You know it makes sense.