So, yesterday we talked about the unadulterated joys (not) of commuting by train, and it might’ve got a few of you thinking about alternative ways of getting to where you need to be on a daily basis.

Cycling is an option that’s proving popular, and it’s understandable why it appeals to an increasing umber of people: fresh air, exercise and minimal cost.

But what about running?

Tomorrow is Run2Work Day, where we’re all being encouraged to ditch the trains and put on our trainers to use just what nature gave us to get to the office.

There’s no escaping the fact that, done properly, running is good for you, and this campaign is aiming to inspire people to take to the pavements and parks and get to work under their own steam., you’ll find all the information you need to prepare for a totally different way of commuting.

Are you up for the challenge?