The week started with a bang with Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference unveiling new OS X Yosemite and the anticipated mobile iOS 8 update. We were at the conference to soak it all up and, being the masters of being in many places at once, we also bring you the latest laptops and goodies from the Computex exhibition in Taipei this week. 

Being such avid travellers we've been making the most of our Uros Goodspeed Mi-Fi hotspot and, given the number of devices we carry around these days, have found a nifty USB stick - it's not boring, bare with us - in the SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive.

Now back home we've been mesmerised by the epic 65-inch Sony X9005B 4K TV that's been in on review and pleasantly surprised by the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ which took our uncertain stance and twisted it up into lots of positives.

Next week we're attending the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles. Will Sony unveil Uncharted 4? Can Microsoft keep the pace? Will Nintendo reveal Zelda? All eyes to the site for the latest gaming goodies.

Quick review: If you're thinking about upgrading your TV and taking the 4K plunge then you'd be hard pressed to find anything nearly as good as the Sony X9005B. The audio and visual experience it delivers is epic. You're all set for any smart app developments, ready for 4K as more content becomes available, and the picture is among the best we've ever seen outside of OLED too.

Pros: Stunning colours with true blacks, brilliant 4K upscaling, fantastic sound, beautiful wedge design, genuinely intelligent smart features, really easy to use

Cons: Speaker design might not suit all, new onscreen Social View Twitter app is somewhat antisocial, 3D isn't perfect - but who wants that anyway?

Price: £3,600 (65in) | £2,700 (55in)

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Quick review: The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ is no ordinary tablet. Just once glance at the cylindrical bulge to its side edge, which doubles as a built-in flip-stand, confirms that. But it's a rather good tablet alternative. Add epic battery life, expandable storage, an HD screen and there's a lot to like. It's different, most likely divisive, but after a long weekend's use it's turned our preconceptions around far more than we had anticipated.

Pros: Improves predecessor's resolution woes, decent viewing angles from IPS panel, built-in stand design for multiple positions of use, great battery life, comfortable portrait orientation grip, Dolby audio bolsters performance

Cons: Stand is a nuisance to pull out, additional bulk due to integrated stand design, UI still behind competition, landscape orientation grip can be awkward, glossy screen coating, some Sound & Vision presets too harsh

Price: £300

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Quick review: Goodspeed isn't any normal Mi-Fi hotspot. This soap-bar wedge device has 10 USB slots and Uros, the device's maker, has a variety of destination-based SIM cards that can drastically cut down the cost of data while abroad. We've used it in the USA, China and Europe with success - although setting it up in advance is an essential and it's not as immediate to jump into working operation as a smartphone might be. Even so, with 500MB-1GB data a day available for reasonable prices we think Goodspeed could be an essential device for the business traveller.

Pros: Easy to use, good battery life, easy to set up, can save you money, remains dormant between travel rather than imposing ongoing costs

Cons: Not compatible in every country, slow initial start to find network, some carriers offer affordable/inclusive overseas data plans, not 4G

Price: £200 approx (Mi-Fi unit only)

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Quick review: SanDisk has an elegant, internet-free solution to sharing your content across multiple devices: the Connect Wireless Flash Drive. Yes it's a USB stick and we'd usually sigh "boring" and move along swiftly. But the Connect is a clever way to stream and send data wirelessly to any device on any major operating system with ease. Never again will you need to fret which movie is on which tablet or phone - it's all available from the one source and the local network means no internet connection is needed.

Pros: Easy to use, microSD means capacity can be updated, can connect to eight devices at a time, media streaming to three devices at a time

Cons: Four hour battery life limitation, can't stream when plugged in and used as a USB drive

Price: From £40

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