If you’ll pardon the stating of the bleedin’ obvious, food has never been so popular. The means of keeping the body going transcended mere sustenance decades ago, but in recent years, it’s become an art form. When TV channels are awash with cookery shows and every celebrity career is punctuated with at least one recipe book, you know it’s big business.

But, putting aside the crass, commercial aspect, there’s a hell of a lot of amazing food out there, and the only real challenge is finding it.

Street food markets and independent delis are popping up all over the place and these are great sources of independent, top quality foodstuffs.

An online alternative is flavourly.com. Here you can sign up to receive a monthly package full of tasty treats, and plans start from as little as the price of a decent meal.

We love this idea. But we hate the fact that the only price that’s up front and centre is the starting price - we appreciate a bit more transparency when it comes to how much things cost, and we reckon this site would benefit from a simple price list somewhere obvious on their site.

Other than that, it’s a top notch way too get some top nosh.