What two words are guaranteed to get the attention of any petrolhead? Yes, “new Ferrari” will most likely do it. “Bugatti Veyron" will almost certainly achieve the same result. But no two words will garner quite the response that “road trip!” will.

People who love cars, love driving cars (like, obviously). But more than most, they like driving cars to exciting places that can be quite far away.

You’ve probably seen those stickers that people attach to the backs of their motors, showing the outlines of famous circuits where they’ve taken their pride and joy for a spin. Most racing circuits will let you do this from time to time, and at circuit-days.co.uk you can book your trips.

But, they don’t just stop at track days, they also put together epic driving adventures for people who want the arrangements taken care of so that they can just concentrate on the driving. Their California trip ticks all the right boxes as far as we're concerned.

This is hitting the road with some style, and we like it.