There is nothing quite like the imagination of a child. They are totally unencumbered by the limitations and reservations of adulthood, and the creativity they display is limitless. It's almost a shame that they have to grow up.

Give a child some paper and some crayons and a whole new world will be revealed before your eyes. It will most likely be filled with heroic characters, whimsical locations and fantastical creatures. You might look at them and wonder what it would be like to bring them to life, and at, that wonderment can turn to a reality. Sort of.

This is one of loveliest things we’ve seen in a while: soft toys handmade from children’s drawings.

Can you imagine the look on a child’s face if you took one of their drawings and turned it onto the real thing?


This site has been a little quiet of late, judging by the comments, but we really hope this is still a thing.

It certainly needs to be.