The trouble with some social networks, or more precisely, some users of social networks, is that they can become quite single minded.

Some people will be very political. Others will be overly prolific with telling you what music they're listening to, or which reality TV shows they're addicted to.

And the sports fans? Wow. They can be really vocal. We've probably all got a friend or two whose passion for their local team can get a bit tiresome, particularly if it's something you yourself are not particularly interested in. Wouldn't it be great if they had somewhere to vent there tribal spleens without clogging up your timelines?

Well, now they have, a social network that's just for sports fans.

It's a slick experience too, so nobody will think they're being sidelined by using it. They'll find a whole new world full of people who can debate the offside rule or the latest changes to the Rugby Union laws until they're blue (or red or green or black and whited striped) in the face.