We’ve covered this ground before in this little corner of Pocket Lint, but it never ceases to fascinate us. The idea that government agencies around the world are turning to potential hackers in order to prevent hacking is absolutely a sign of the times - the only easy to stay ahead of the game is to recruit the best players.

And so it is with our own cyber police, the National Crime Agency. They’re refreshing their search for the best minds to tackle techno crime with their cybersecuritychallenge.org.uk.

This is the fifth time the world’s online community has been called upon to step up and stop a digital crime wave, and this year the challenges are expected to be the most devious yet.

We love the idea that a generation of people who have grown up not knowing that once upon a time computers were the size of family cars, is now in in a position to potentially save the world.

Get signed up, get involved and possibly get a job at the cutting edge of keeping the digital wolves from the doors of millions of people.