So, the Chelsea Flower Show is opening its gates this week, which means two things. Firstly, West London is now a no-go area if you don’t want to mix it with hordes of people wearing either overly glamorous and completely impractical cocktail dress in the middle of the day, or people wearing stout boots and fleeces wielding aspidistras as offensive weapons. Or something.

We are, of course, generalising in a most unseemly way, because we know that gardening has been the new rock ’n‘ roll for quite a while. Or the new rockery ’n’ roll perhaps…

Which brings us to the second thing that will happen: we ordinary people will go bonkers for our gardens again. And we’ll want to buy things to put in our gardens. But who really wants to go to a garden centre? And all that sowing and digging? Too much like hard work. Wouldn't it be great to just lob something out into the garden and let nature do the rest?

You might've heard about guerrilla gardening? Well now that you definitely have, here’s the latest addition to their arsenal - flower grenades, courtesy of These little packages are bursting with pure flower power, containing everything you need to give your garden an explosive splash of colour.

In gardening terms, they’re The Bomb.