In most modern city centres, the only thing that’s more widespread than sandwich shops is coffee shops. Every nook, cranny and corner will have a little place preparing and selling fresh handmade sarnies, subs and salads.

So how do you do something a little different? And for a very good reason? could well be the answer. At first glance, it’s not that different. All their food is prepared by hand, using the freshest ingredients. And in this case it’s even overseen by a Michelin-starred chef in the shape of Mike Mathieson. Not all sandwich shops can says that.

But the real difference is that this little sandwich shop is a social business. That means every penny they make goes to good causes.

Talk about guilt free eating. You get a delicious lunch and charities get a few quid. Not bad.

This brilliant little place is in Edinburgh, so drop in if you’re anywhere near. But we reckon you might start to see more of this sort of thing soon.

We love this idea, and wish everybody involved the best of luck.