We have some criteria for featuring a site in this regular slot. The websites we look at need to be cutting edge, or really useful, or funny. Quirky is fine too. We do our bit for good causes as well, and we do try to champion the little guy from time to time.

Today’s recommendation fulfils a couple of these, in that it’s useful, although we hope not too soon for anybody, and it’s also featuring a business you might not have heard of.

But, someone we know (their anonymity has been guaranteed) did the unthinkable recently, just like an estimated 150,000 people a year in the UK, and put petrol into their diesel car. And then drove off. For ten miles. If you know about such things, you’ll know that is precisely what not to do if you should misfuel your motor.

But, once they stopped at another petrol station, having realised their error, they were put in touch with fuelfixer.co.uk. Within half an hour, a van pulled up and out jumped an engineer ready to fix the problem.

And within another half an hour the car was chugging away happily on a newly refreshed diet of pure diesel, with all thoughts of expensive engine repairs slowly dissipating like the cloud of smoke that had poured forth from the exhaust once the system had been cleaned.

This service is indispensable, should you ever find yourself having done something a bit daft, and we couldn’t recommend it highly enough.