Where do jokes comes from? Most of us will have a mate who is a reliable source, but the chances are that they didn’t actually write them - they come from somewhere else.

The one liners, the rude ones, the “a guy walks into a bar” ones - they all start out as a few scribbled lines on a page, but where that page sits usually remains a mystery.

But, we’re fairly sure of one thing: we know where a lot of them now go. They end up at jokes.cc.com. And thank goodness for that.

This online offshoot of TV channel Comedy Central, is a brilliant depository of amusement.

People can submit their favourites, regardless of where they found them, and they are all handily categorised by type or theme, making finding jokes for any occasion a walk in the park.

We’re no closer to finding who actually writes all the best jokes, but at least we now know where a hell of a lot of them are stored.