The taxi service app, Uber, is reaching above the road for the Cannes Film Festival by offering private jet trips.

Users – rich users – attending the festival will be able to use Uber to book an Uber Black car which will transport them to a private jet that flies to Cannes.

The cost of this service? About £5,300. This can be split three-way as, apparently, there's seating for a trio. So that's £1,766 per person. And it'll only work flying from Bourget Airport in Paris from 12 May to 18 May. But it is a private jet.

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The alternative, for those travelling from Paris, is a one-way train ticket at around £100. But clearly it's not about the money but the convenience and perhaps the ease. There's also the show-off factor that goes with the poser-fest that is the Cannes Film Festival.

If you're rich enough to try this service, read about it here, and need a seat filling let everyone know below. Shotgun the window seat.

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