There’s a bold new ad campaign from Scope, the disability charity, that has really got people talking. It’s also really got people thinking. It tackles a subject head on - often the best way with us Brits, even if we don’t like to admit it.

It’s called End the Awkward, and it’s designed to get people thinking about how they interact with disabled people.

Scope is an organisation that wants everybody in the UK to have the same opportunities. Not too much to ask really, is it? Well, you’d be surprised. Even in this enlightened age, attitudes towards people with disabilities can sometimes still be in the dark ages.

From access to public buildings, through workplace facilities and even just navigating through social situations. Things just aren’t the same for everybody.

And that’s something we can all start to do something about if we just apply a little thought.

It’s a great campaign, and we hope it’s a huge success.