There are, of course, all kinds of bad habits that you can pick up as you go through life, but smoking is a killer. Literally.

And it's a tough one to beat for many people. You can try patches, although we've known people who become addicted to those too. You can try the gum, but it tastes like old tyres after a few chews. You can try going cold turkey and just dealing with it. And there is now "vaping", but it's only really another way of feeding the habit and we're not convinced that it's a good idea to have something in your mouth that has been known to explode.

One of the biggest problems while trying to give up is finding something to do with your hands. In social situations this is when you can easily reach for the snacks. Crisps (bad), peanuts (worse) or pork scratchings (a coronary in a packet) - none of these are going to help in the long run.

But one enterprising ex-smoker has set up, after finding that taking up knitting really helped. The kits are designed for people who haven't necessarily done any knitting before and are apparently the perfect distraction for the hands.

A much healthier thing to spend your money on.