As collective nouns go, "a parliament of owls" is just about perfect. It brings to mind the stateliness of the birds themselves, the perceived wisdom, the poise.

OK, so we’re talking about the idea of a parliament, not necessarily our parliament (wisdom is in short supply at times, it would seem…) But it's a lovely turn of phrase, isn’t it?

And it’s a perfect name for what we find at, as they describe themselves as the “wisest way to look at the web”. Quite a claim, so we took a look. And, to be honest, we can’t really argue. This is a brilliant collection of blog posts and videos that really does cast a very discerning eye across the online landscape.

The subject matter is eclectic and far-reaching, and everything is presented through a dependable quality filter.

This isn’t your average web aggregator, far from it. They're collecting and recommending only the things that they find interesting. And we think you’ll find them interesting too.