The world around us has never been more exposed. Literally. Countless people carry a camera with them every day, be it a smartphone, a digital compact or a DSLR, and that means more moments are captured for posterity than can ever be counted.

And with these myriad images bouncing around, making your pictures stand out takes a bit of thought, a bit of practice and a bit of inspiration.
For that last one, you could do far worse than take an occasional look at

Here you’ll find a brilliant site that keeps it’s finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to contemporary photography. Their magazine-style approach keeps the latest trends and talking points front and centre, and their archive of shots from some of the best photographers around is where you can find a whole smorgasbord of inspiration.

We love this site. It’s clean, fast and very easy to navigate. And the weekly newsletter has become one we actually read all the way through.