What do you consider to be the internet’s party trick? Its real speciality? The dissemination of information regardless of geographic borders and ideological boundaries perhaps? A revolution in commerce maybe? Or is it just pictures of people with their rude bits showing?

All of the above, probably, but we also like to thing that it's a dab hand at a bit of subversion. Especially of the slightly "meta" variety.

Wikipedia has long been the target for this, thanks to an army of mischievous editors and wags who will go in and tinker with entries in the hope that their edits will go unnoticed for long enough to become the stuff of legend (do you remember the list of members of the rap collective So Solid Crew?).

But the rather innocuously titled tldrwikipedia.tumblr.com goes a bit further. This takes entries from the world's most poplar online encyclopaedia and condenses them into just a few choice words. And they really cut to the chase too.

Glorious stuff, which does contain the occasional swear.