Are you getting a bit tired? A bit tired of being told what to buy? Being told what to watch? Being told who to vote for? What to eat? What to drink? What to listen to? What’s cool? What’s new? What’s fashionable? What’s fresh? Are you getting bit tired of being told what to think?

We wouldn’t blame you if you were.

The internet has enabled a whole new generation of broadcasters and opinion makers, many of whom you don’t even invite into your consciousness - they just arrive. It’s no wonder some people fear this new information age.

But there are beacons of hope. There are places where people use this online soapbox to talk about things that perhaps you haven’t thought about (mainly because nobody has). These people aren’t telling you what to do about anything. All they're doing is presenting some new ideas on things that they find, often on the very fringes of popular culture, and occasionally beyond.

You’ll find them at, and this is one of our favourite new places to spend a little time.