The past few days have been nothing short of extraordinary when it comes to online fundraising. The JustGiving page of Stephen Sutton has passed the £3million mark as more and more people donate to show their support for one very brave young man and the charity he’s raising cash for. The effort has been boosted by the participation of countless famous people, and this just goes to show what can happen when people with a little talent get involved in something.

There are millions of other individual fundraising pages we could highlight in this slot, and we’re not about to start doing it too regularly, but this one does stand out as something a little different.

At, you can see the efforts to raise funds for Eliza O’Neill, a four-year-old girl who desperately needs specialist medical care. These efforts are being boosted by professional photographers who are each pledging to sell $1,000 worth of prints and donate the proceeds.

We think this kind of fundraising is so smart. It raises cash, highlights good causes and also rewards supporters with more than just the feel good factor. A limited edition print from one of the world’s finest photographers is one way to be constantly reminded that you did something special.