Happy #EdBallsDay to you. That's what's being flung all over Twitter right now, with plenty of chuckle-worthy tweets to fake celebrate the fake holiday.

#EdBallsDay started three years ago when the Labour Politician tweeted his own name and nothing else on 28 April.

The Twitter phenomenon since has meant a deluge of witty tweets from lament at it being "invented by the card shops, it's another way for them to make money", (@benunsworth) to joy at "waking up this morning to find coal in my #EdBallsDay stocking" (@RobynVinter).

Yes it's all nonsense, but it's the internet and it's funny so it works. We particularly enjoyed the effort from @feedthedrummer that went into the #EdBallsDay edited Oscar selfie photo.

To finish, heed the wise words of @AWTaylor83: "Don't go wild kids, remember- a Milliband is for life, not just for Ed Balls' Day."

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