We may have just discovered our new favourite blog. It’s certainly gone into our top ten, which is quite apt, when you see the subject matter.

Andrew Collins is a music journalist who, like many people, one day decided to put together his top 50 playlist. Fifty came and went, as did a hundred. He finally settled on his top 143, and circlesoflife143.wordpress.com is where he takes us through his choices.

Rarely have we seen such a personal journey be so successfully displayed for a broadcast audience. Andrew sets out his stall early on, and admits that this top 143 will change, and it does with some regularity.

But each entry is a beautifully written, light-hearted and informative piece about each track in question - never seeking to justify its inclusion (why should it?), but simply telling the story of why the track is so significant.

We love this blog and will be following with interest as the 143 develops over time.