Lego makes all things better, so great films and games that get a Lego make-over are only ever going to be excellent. That's why Lego crowd-voting site Cuusoo - which can lead to official Lego creations - has some very popular movie themed projects gaining momentum. While the Lego Ideas site has some fantastic gaming projects in the pipeline. Fancy checking them all out and for those still running offering your support?

Cuusoo Batman

After the Lego Movie a Lego Batman mansion request was only a matter of time. This one, for an entire Wayne Manor including Batcave, has been around since 2013 and is now doing rather well with 8,611 supporters at the time of writing.

Wayne Manor will come with Batman himself as well as some of his enemies including the Red Hood, Ra's Al Ghul and there's even a T-Rex from Batman's adventures on Dinosaur Island. Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Batgirl and Lucius Fox are all set to make appearances too. We love the detail of the Joker card and Kryptonite down in the corner of the Batcave.

Lego Monkey Island is almost a reality with Scumm's Bar submitted to the Lego Ideas for creation once it get funding. The digital bar has taken brick form including a chandelier for hardy sorts to swing from, a kitchen for the chef and includes Guybrush Threepwood the "ghost-busting stud", Largo LaGrande, and three pirates.

Support the Lego Monkey Island project at the Lego Ideas site to help it reach 10,000 votes and get made.

Cuusoo X-Men

Since Sony owns the X-Men movie rights, and the Days of Future Past film will give the series so much attention, this is a great time for some X-Men Lego. And what better place to start than with Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters?

The X-Men Lego Mansion will feature The Danger Room, where the mutants train in virtual reality battles. It will also have Charles Xavier's office and Beast's Laboratory. Characters include Cyclops, Shadowcat, Magneto, Storm, Wolverine, Xavier, Beast, and many more. The goal is to reach 10,000 supporters and at the time of writing the project is at 7,806 – hopefully the new movie will help push it over the limit.

This is a Lego replica of a 1977 gaming joystick. Despite standing just 4-inches high and 3.5 by 3.75-inches across, it is made up of a whopping 237 bricks.

The 1977 Joystick is made by BrickGun and can be bought now from its website for $52 which is about £32. Unfortunately it's not a working model so it will just have to sit on display. That said the stick itself does move so you can pretend you're back in the old school blasting those Space Invaders into infinity.

Cuusoo Goonies

In 2015 The Goonies will be thirty years old, yup that makes you old too if you saw it first time round. But it need not be a sad day, rather a trip down memory lane if this project from Lyonsblood gets made.

The proposal is for a full Lego ship from The Goonies as well as Minifigures of the cast including Chunk, Data, Sloth, The Fratellis and more. The project has 5,299 supporters at the time of writing, here's hoping it gets enough to be made in time for the 30th Anniversary in 2015.

This Lego Coinop Videogame is based on the classic arcade machines that are all too rare these days. The project has appeared on Lego Ideas where it needs plenty of votes to get made.

If it reaches completion the arcade machine will feature a coin slots and even a removable coin tray. The back panel can be opened to access the "circuit board" which is made of Lego. There will also be interchangeable game cartridges and joystick that actually moves. 

Cuusoo T-Rex

Technically this one is just listed as a Lego Tyrannosaurus Rex but the photos clearly show the tour cars from Jurassic Park. And if that isn't Jeff Goldblum's character running away we will go hide in a loo and wait to be eaten.

Perhaps the lack of Jurassic Park in the title is why the project is on 2,562 votes of support when it's clearly a great idea. The T-Rex itself looks ace, but if it were to come with the Jurassic Park characters and cars we'd be throwing money at the screen. As it stands we'll have to stick to voting.

Cuusoo Invisible Hand

While there's plenty of Star Wars Lego out there the modern films have less Lego love. The Invisible Hand ship, owned by General Grievous, isn't yet available.

At the time of writing the ship has received an impressive 9,293 supporters, making it one of the most popular on Cuusoo. The ship will feature scenes from the film like the corridor where Obi-Wan, Anakin and Palpatine were captured and the communications pod which can be taken apart to display the room where Palpatine was imprisoned.

Cuusoo Biff Tannen Ford

While Back to the Future Lego is already out there Biff Tannen's Ford isn't. This classic car is probably most easily remembered when brimming with manure. Or as the car only Biff – and his older self – can start.

The project currently has 2,979 supporters at the time of writing. So if you want to see Biff and his gang – 3D glasses and all – then add your support to the list. Perhaps we could even look forward to a Wild West version of Biff and his gang if this one makes it.

Zaxxon Classic Arcade

The 1982 arcade gaming great Zaxxon has been given a Lego make-over. The 3D graphics were ground-breaking back in the day so bringing them into the suitably blocky reality of Lego makes sense. This is still a Lego Ideas project at the moment so it'll need enough votes to actually get made.

The design combines parts of several different levels in the game to offer the widest possible experience. The space fighter jet is secured to a groove in the back wall but can be slid along the room and comes complete with rocket launcher arms.

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