On those occasional lists of “cool” cities, you tend to get the usual suspects. New York, London, Paris, Tokyo. It’s only people who’ve been there will want to add Berlin into their top three. But it’s true.

Berlin is one of the most culturally and artistically exciting cities on the planet at the moment, and if you need a taster of what that means, then look no further than highsnobiety.com.

This is a brilliant site for spotting the latest up and coming trends in fashion, art, photography, design and lifestyle. It has one of its main offices in the German capital, and you can definitely see the central European influence cutting through.

But this is definitely the accessible end of trend spotting. None of your haute couture nonsense, here. Just solid style commentary from their team of fashion conscious writers and editors.

As spring turns to summer, this is a good place to see what’s happening in the more stylish corners of the world.