If you’re a football fan (that’s soccer for our American readers) it’s getting to the business end of the season now, isn’t it? League places are being decided, with the accompanying joy of promotion or despair of relegation that goes with it.

The silverware is being polished up in many of the cup competitions and the transfer rumours are in absolute overdrive. You’ll be wanting to stay on top of things, and at givemesport.com, we think we’ve found one of the best places to do just that.

This fast moving sports news feed is dominated by footy news at the moment, but it covers all sport with the same enthusiasm, and after not very long doing the rounds here at Pocket Lint, it’s made it onto the bookmark lists of most people.

The articles are concise, well written and give you just the salient facts on each story.

Perfect for keeping up with those watercooler back-page discussions.