Traveling is so exciting, isn’t it? The anticipation of experiencing new foods, new cultures, new ideas. The adventure of the journey itself - soaring thousands of feet above the surface of our planet. The unadulterated thrill of wondering whether your luggage will be joining you on your trip of a lifetime or whether it’ll be spending the whole time stuck on a shelf in some far-flung grid reference of the scheduled airline map.

And it’s not as if your bags are travelling for free any more. Essentially, airlines don’t really want to take your bags - there’s not as much money to be pumped from an inanimate object as there is from a stressed or excited traveller. So, they charge more for you to carry less.

No wonder then, that companies like are starting to make a real impact and change the way people go on holiday.

Here you can send your bags ahead of you, saving you time at the airport, money on the whole deal and the potential hassle of getting where you’re going and having to spend four days wearing the same pants.

Simply get a quote, arrange your collection and then sit back and stop worrying about whether you’re going be left staring at an empty carousel when you finally get to your holiday destination.

Better by miles.