We really like cracked.com. Yes, at first glance, it looks like just another one of those "5/10/25 things that will make you laugh/freak you out/leave the country" type sites. And, to an extent, it is.

But dig into any of the posts and you'll see some fascinating analysis of modern life and culture, delivered with precision and a sprinkling of adult humour (so it's not for the very easily offended).

Oh, and it is funny.

The writers do a brilliant job of sifting through the zeitgeist and surfacing some things that really will make you think. The post about The 5 Most Insane Lessons You Didn't Notice in Famous Movies, shows genuine insight.

They're all always on the lookout for people to contribute too, so if you're a creative person with something to say and a funny way to say it, you could join their ranks.

Or you might end up thinking they have way too much time on their hands.

Well, we're glad they have…