Twitter is a fascinating place to spend any length of time. It's full of pithy writing, polarised opinions and a fair few brilliant parody accounts.

Rarely a day goes by when something really interesting doesn’t happen. But all that interestingness can get a bit sort of ”samey", can't it?

Meet, a collection of some of the more mundane mutterings from the Twitter feed of the same name.

It's well worth following, simply to break up the relentless stream of "look at me" and "you'll never believe what's happened!” tweets.

“But why feature the website?”, you may ask. That's because from here you can get to the Facebook, YouTube, Vine and Instagram feeds from here too. But the best bits you'll find under the "Some Other Things" section.

We won't spoil any surprises, but this is well worth a visit or two if you need help getting through a boring day at work or whatever you're doing.

You'll hopefully find the whole thing a lot less than boring.