Maplin is to exclusively sell the 3Doodler 3D printing pen in the UK, with online orders starting today. It will also be available in the retailer's high street stores from 20 April.

The 3Doodler shipped to Kickstarter backers at the end of last year. The collective effort raised a staggering $2.34 million (£1.5 million) for manufacturer WobbleWorks, which only sought an original $30,000. And now it's ready to hit mass market.

The pen is capable of creating 3D objects by drawing in the air and lifting the plastic to create wireframe shapes. It is a creative tool and is simple to use for anyone with artistic leanings.

With time and effort, it can also create some incredible 3D objects. All you need to provide is power to charge the pen and ABS or PLA printing plastics. Some will come with the 3Doodler in the box. Further rolls or strips are fairly cheap.

The 3Doodler costs £99 and is available from

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