Walthamstow. One of the jewels of London. No, really. At least it certainly is if you believe walthamstowtourism.co.uk, because this is the unofficial tourist site for this gloriously shabby London borough.

Why on earth would we be telling you about it? Well, firstly, it’s funny. Curated by the film-maker, artist and Walthamstow oracle known as Warpdog, this is a tongue in cheek celebration of one of London’s less salubrious quarters, with pictures, merchandise and even a random fact generator to boot.

Secondly, this is the source of one of the weirdest but most wonderful memes of recent times: Celebrities That Look Like Mattresses. You might’ve seen it doing the rounds on Twitter and Facebook.

As weird is it sounds, this little pictorial feature really works. Various celebrities snapped by the paps in outfits that are less than flattering, and when you actually compare them to the pictures of the mattresses, you have to admit, they really are spot on.

This is perfect to get you through this final working day of the week and we hope you enjoy a quickly trip to London E17.