Sony has revealed that several matches of the World Cup in Brazil this summer will be shot in 4K, but there are no plans to broadcast the ultra high definition content generated. Instead, it will be used as part of an official film made by Sony and FIFA after the tournament closes.

Three matches will be shot in UHD in total, including a quarter final and the final. The Official 2014 World Cup Film in 4K will be distributed online through 4K content distribution channels later this year.

Sony will provide technical support, including the development of a 4K live production system. This will include the company's professional standard CineAlta 4K PMW-F55 live camera and other dedicated kit.

Promotional trailers, made in 4K/60p for the official film will be shown prior to the World Cup - using other UHD football content - on Bravia TVs in Sony showrooms and at Fan Fest events in Brazil.

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"FIFA has a proud track record in embracing innovation at our flagship competition, to make sure that football fans around the world receive the very best in match coverage and experience," said FIFA director of TV Niclas Ericson.

"We are excited by the prospect of working with Sony to incorporate 4K technology in our production plans. It will propel fans around the globe into a whole new viewing dimension and it marks the dawning of a new era in the broadcasting of sport."

As the 4K filming will take place at one match from the last 16, on 28 June, that could include England should the team come second in their group. That's a distinct possibility considering the other teams in that group are Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica.

And let's be honest here, England aren't likely to be filmed in the final. We can hope, but we're not delusional.