Regular readers will know we love anything that saves a few quid, and we've featured sites that are aimed at students before. But this is our new favourite.

Rather than presenting offers and discounts from a bunch of "selected partners" behaves much more like a really web-savvy roommate, scouring the online landscape for all sorts of deals aimed at keeping the next generation of graduates out of total penury.

These are all offers that are relevant and genuinely appealing. What we like most is that you can search for your favourite brands and outlets to see what their dedicated team of bargain hunters have turned up from the places where you actually want to shop, rather than the places that are the usual suspects when it comes to giving discounts.

There are useful guides to getting the most out of your finances, travel and holiday tips and the most current deals on utilities too.

Bookmark this one and you’re sure to have more than enough cash left over to keep you in subsidised alcopops and Pot Noodle right up until the end of term.