Monday’s come round awfully quickly again, hasn’t it? Losing an hour to British Summer Time probably hasn’t helped, but if you’re facing a new week and not really feeling refreshed and ready to go, every moment counts.

Modern life is frantic for most people, and weekends, once a time to recharge and relax, are now very often even busier than the working week. There’s very little room for “me time”.

If this sounds like you, have you thought about meditation? Bear with us - we’re not talking about lighting joss sticks on the train, or taking a few minutes at the end of very meeting to chant.

What we're talking about is, a very modern take on mediation, where they deliver bite-sized chunks of relaxation through simple techniques and exercises you can do anywhere.

Just ten minutes a day for ten days will have you feeling much more relaxed, and this first bit is absolutely free.

Worth considering if your busy life is starting to feeling like a hamster’s wheel.