Could Monster's 24K gold and platinum PowerCard phone chargers be most expensive out there?

Monster has crafted 10 limited edition smartphone chargers that you might be interested in, if you have more than a grand burning a hole in your pocket.

Stocked exclusively at Harrods, the 10 Monster PowerCards are split into five plated in 24K gold and five in platinum. And they are priced £1,200 and £1,300 respectively.

Bar the rare metal plating, the cards are the same as the PowerCard coloured variants available for £34.95 each. They are credit card sized, have USB 1.5amp quick charge abilities, and have a 1,650mAh capacity. That means they'll recharge an average smartphone to around half its overall charge.

The special edition versions are individually numbered and come in a presentation case.

Monster has also introduced a rise gold colour scheme for its DiamondZ headphones, which will also be exclusive to Harrods at £249.95 a pair.

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You can check them out, and the PowerCards, at the famous London department store any time until 11 April as part of its Harrods is Technology event.