A bit like the transport system it was supporting, the old TFL website was very useful, but just a little bit clunky and disjointed. It worked, but getting from A to B wasn’t always that straightforward.

That hasn’t changed on London’s labyrinthine transport system, but this new site is a massive improvement and should make find our way round a bit easier.

The journey planner is front and centre, and right underneath that, the live departures page is fully customisable to give you just the info you need. This is a theme you’ll see through out the tools they’ve got.

But the mapping tool is the jewel in the crown. Type in where you want to know about and all the facilities pop up in a clear and easy to navigate menu, as well as being plotted on the map. Searching for transport services near where you are is now just a click away too (much like you expect with a smartphone or tablet app) and it works very well. You even get to see how many Boris bikes are waiting at the nearest stand. Click on a bus route and it will tell you when the next one is due.

Fare information, planned disruptions and general travel news are now much quicker to find and easier to digest.

In all, this is a huge improvement, and when things like the timetables come online too, this will be the only site you need to get round the UK’s capital. It works beautifully on a mobile too.