Poor Gwynnie. Poor Chris. One of the celebrity world’s seemingly most stable and celebrated couples is not at solid as it was thought. It was front page news yesterday as Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced, very publicly for such a famously private couple, that their marriage was in trouble. Social media went mental, and they took to Twitter themselves to explain things.

And the curiously titled “Conscious Uncoupling” statement was posted on goop.com, Ms Paltrow’s online style magazine.

Cynics might suggest that it’s one way to boost traffic.

But fair’s fair, maybe they’ll need the support now, and it’s actually not a bad site. Every week you get a flavour of what it means to be at the heart of celebrity style and good taste, with recipes, fashion tips, travel ideas and more. And the online shop is where you can buy a lot of it.

All the fuss caused the site crash yesterday. It was fine when we last looked, but don’t all go clicking at once, will you…?