A few weeks ago, when we first heard about eterni.me, like most people, we thought it was some kind of marketing stunt. Perhaps it was a new offbeat sci-fi movie, or another series of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror. But then, the people behind it even referenced these things in their media interviews.

So, we decided to wait a bit, to see if the truth would out. And, well, it seems it’s for real. Or it will be.

When you look into it in more detail, and start to see beyond the lurid headlines and the conspiracy nut jobs, it’s actually a sincere attempt to do something that might provide some comfort for families of the future. At least, that’s what they claim they will do when they launch.

The thought of everything you’ve ever done, and everything you ever will do online being used to create a virtual version of you for friends and family to interact with, might creep you out a bit. Or you might see it as a next logical step.

Either way, we can’t wait to see if this one actually comes to fruition.

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