If you believe the politicians, we’ve never had it so good. Low unemployment, low borrowing rates and the economy showing signs of growth again. So why does it feel like we never have any money in our pockets?

The simple reason is that the price of just about everything we buy has gone through the roof. Gas and electricity, petrol, local taxes, train tickets - they’re all at eye-watering levels. The average weekly shop for a family is now approaching £100, with the staples like bread. milk and fruit and veg at record high prices too.
So many people are trying to do a bit more for themselves, and selfsufficientish.co.uk is somewhere you might want to have a look if that’s something that’s crossed your mind.

Describing itself as “urban homesteading on a budget” this is a great functional site full of tips on growing your own produce, foraging and lifestyle choices that will leave a bit more cash in your pocket.