Those who have experienced migraine understand that any way to stop it is worth trying. Even donning this abuse-attracting headband.

The Cefaly electronic headband, despite looking like an accessory from Star Trek, is a fully functioning FDA approved nerve stimulator. And a recent study found that its use led to fewer days with migraines for the majority of participants.

The headband works by using a self-adhesive electrode that can be worn for up to 20-minutes each day. What happens after 20-minutes isn't made clear. But since Cefaly delivers "transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation" it's probably best to follow the guidelines.

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The headband is for those over 18 years old who are warned they may experience a tingling sensation or slight muscle contractions. Not a bad trade off to avoid the brain cracking pain of a migraine.

European users can try out the Cefaly for a 40-day trail. Paying £43 will cover postage and packaging and if buying it seems like the right move the £43 will be deducted from the total £259 price.